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How to get a job at a Blockchain startup – The upcoming cryptocurrency job board on the web is here to connect the most talented job seekers with blockchain companies which are looking to hire new talent for many technical and non-technical roles as well.

In the last 15 months, the price of bitcoin has fluctuated massively – jumping to a massive $20,000 in December 2017. But no matter what the present state of bitcoin is, interest in the underlying blockchain technology continues to attract the significant attention from outside of the crypto world very fast. From the AngelList data we looked at, in the first half of 2017 alone there was more money invested in cryptocurrency startups than in all of 2016 combined.At the same time cryptocurrency companies have started using Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to raise investments on a large scale in order to expand beyond traditional funding methods.

These all developments in the crypto world have caused the cryptocurrency hiring boom as there are more and more blockchain/cryptocurrency startups which are looking for developers, marketing managers, software engineers, project managers, juniors, interns, and many more suitable talented people. As reported by Forbes, the job market has never looked so good for blockchain enthusiasts.

There are many advantages for job seekers to join blockchain/cryptocurrency startups. According to our research cryptocurrency companies pay their employees 10-20 percent above the industry norm. Working for cryptocurrency companies also offer more flexibility as the possibility of getting a remote job within this industry is significantly higher compared to other tech industries. Another advantage of working for blockchain startup is that early employees will very likely receive coins as a form of equity-like compensation.

In the case you are interested in getting a job at a cryptocurrency startup, the first step is simply being familiar with and enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that powers it. Whether you’ve been investing personally, running your own mining rig, or soaking up information about how blockchain tech works, if you’re going to land a job and dive into doing this 9-5, it is something you should be passionate about.

Furthermore, if you want to be a blockchain developer, holding a “normal” developer role first will make you an attractive candidate. If you want to be a cryptocurrency project manager, have project management experience to show.

If you are an ambitious cryptocurrency startup or job seeker who wants to kick off a career in the blockchain industry at these exciting times when the internet of money is on its way to transition to mainstream then, can definitely help you.

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